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We are construction contractors located in Contra Costa County in California. We specialize in the drywall installation, our mission is to create the best environment in your home and for that, we have a team of professionals trained in home improvement and the installation of drywall and with enough experience to do an excellent job.

About Us

New Line Drywall is a construction specialist company located in Contra Costa County, we have a great sense of responsibility and belonging with each of our clients, from the average customer to large corporations.

We offer services of residential remodeling, commercial remodeling, business remodeling, drywall application among others.

Why hire with us?

New Line Drywall has specialized professionals and that is why we invite you to put your dream home in expert hands, we have the experience and qualified personnel to materialize your ideal home.

Near me?

We offer home improvement services in Alameda, Berkeley, Dublin, Fremont, Hayward, Livermore, Oakland, Pleasanton, Union City, San Leandro, Sacramento, San Francisco, Napa, San Jose, Santa Rosa, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Palo Alto, Sequoia City, and Sonoma.

Drywall Benefits

Drywall has gained great popularity in the United States as it offers multiple benefits in residential and commercial construction and remodeling projects, among these drywall benefits we can count on:

  • Drywall is a very versatile construction element since it can be used for ceilings, walls, separations, among other uses.
  • Drywall has great resistance in case they are installed in hazardous areas where fires may occur.
  • Transporting drywall is quite simple since they are very lightweight construction materials.
  • The drywall repair, in professional hands, can be a very simple and satisfactory job since it is done very carefully.
  • Since there are different levels of drywall finishes, the final appearance adapts very well to the needs of each person, thus facilitating the realization of custom designs when applying final decorations to the surface.

Meet our Drywall and Taping Services

Drywall Installation Service

If you want to know more about our drywall installation service click here.

Verify Drywall and prepare the area

To make the drywall installation the first thing we do is verify the sizes of these panels, normally they measure 4 x 8 inches although some panels reach 4 x 12 inches.

After verifying the sizes, we prepare the area in which the panel will be installed, we remove the old drywall that is on that surface, fastening screw or any other element that obstructs the installation of the new panel.

Measure the drywall

Then we measure the drywall so that its ends measure enough to be supported correctly on the support lines that will be installed and we apply glue on said joint, then we place the panel and fasten it with several screws on the central crossbar of the panel.

The joint compound of the drywall is mixed looking for a consistency suitable for the installation work and is applied in the joints of the panels to subsequently apply the joint tape, after applying the tape is flattened with a spatula and cleaned the excesses of the compound around the tape.

Level 4 and level 5 of drywall

According to the desired level of finish (highly recommended top levels such as level 4 and level 5 of drywall), multiple layers are applied to drywall looking for better results.

Finishing levels of drywall are of great importance in the final aspect (prior to surface decoration) since at the lowest quality levels, tool marks, burrs and stretch marks are accepted, while in the quality levels Higher every detail is taken care of for a more professional look.

Drywall Repair Service

We offer the repair of drywall, one of the most used materials for the interior construction of houses in the United States, and since changes in temperature and earthquakes are among the main causes of cracks in the walls, it is made repair necessary.

Drywall repair by dents
Drywall repair by screw holes
Drywall repair by large holes
Drywall repair by dents

We perform the repair of drywall by dents as follows:

  • First, we sand the edges of the dent to remove loose particles and create a smooth surface on which the joint compound to be applied then has better adhesion.
  • After sanding the surface, the compound is applied to the dent evenly, the excess compound is removed and re-sanded after it has dried properly and the dent is completely covered.
  • After covering the dent, a priming process is applied to the surface in case you are going to make some final decoration, such as painting the repaired area.

If you want to know more about our drywall repair service click here.

Drywall repair by screw holes

We perform the repair of drywall by holes by screws as follows:

We remove the edges that protrude from the surface to leave the hole at the same level of the surface, fill the hole with compound joints and sand the fillings after it has dried completely, we also apply a primer process to adapt the surface to a process paint back

If you want to know more about our drywall repair service click here.

Drywall repair by large holes

We perform the repair of drywall by large gaps as follows:

  • We check that there are no telephone line cables or electrical connections in that area before starting work, so if we find cables, we will do a more careful repair of drywall.
  • We level the large hole by drawing a rectangle around it and cut it with the drywall saw to fill that large hole with drywall with a regular shape.
  • We put support boards at a specific distance and install the new drywall that was already cut with the same measure of the hole, apply several layers of tape and joint compound on the joints and sand the surface to smooth.
  • We apply a primer process to adapt the area to the realization of the final decoration.

If you want to know more about our drywall repair service click here.

Meet our Residential and Commercial Remodeling Services

Residential Remodeling Service

Among the most important investments that homeowners should make, is residential remodeling, as this will give your home a more modern and clean look, among other benefits that we offer as professionals that help you make your home, home of your dreams.

Making the decision to carry out a residential remodeling can bring multiple benefits, especially if this project is left to a professional team that has the experience and knowledge necessary to meet your expectations, are the most important benefits of performing a residential remodeling are:

Comfort and functionality

The realization of a residential remodeling will give your home a more pleasant as well as functional aspect, that is, it will help you make better use of your spaces, in this way your home will be more comfortable and will be adapted to your needs.

Increase in real estate value

Performing a residential remodeling will help increase the real estate value of your property, this represents a benefit if you have plans to sell the house.

Commercial Remodeling Service

The commercial remodeling aims to provide greater comfort to the work team and even customers and helps to expand the spaces optimizing their use. This remodeling provides an improvement to the environment of your offices giving a completely new and professional look to the remodeled spaces.

Commercial remodeling can be carried out at offices, retail malls, among other private-sector spaces. In the case of retail malls or customer service spaces, commercial remodeling can increase sales since customers will want to spend more time in your commercial spaces.

Commercial remodeling is for us the art of restoring workspaces where you and your workers spend most of your time. Find out why you should renew your workspace with experts in commercial remodeling.

If you want to know more about our commercial remodeling service click here.

Meet our Levels of Drywall Finishes Services

Levels of Drywall Finishes

In this industry, 6 levels were created to properly carry out the process of finishing drywall in a more professional way to obtain better results for either residential or commercial remodeling projects.

Level 0 finishing of drywall
Level 1 finishing of drywall
Level 2 finishing of drywall
Level 3 finishing of drywall
Level 4 finishing of drywall
Level 5 finishing of drywall
Level 0 finishing of drywall

At this level, the drywall is only fixed to the walls or ceiling and no finishing has been done on the drywall.

Level 1 finishing of drywall

At this level, only the drywall tape has been embedded in the joint compound that was already applied to the drywall, the surfaces are free of the excess joint compound but the work tool marks are accepted, stretch marks and burrs.

Level 2 finishing of drywall

At this stage, a thin layer of the joint compound with the spatula or knife is applied over the tape covering the screw holes for the drywall.

Level 3 finishing of drywall

At this level, an additional layer of joint compound is applied to the tape and the screws that hold the drywall.

Level 4 finishing of drywall

Here you have two layers of the compound for additional joints, in this level no marks of tools, stretch marks or burrs are accepted, being a level of finishing of higher quality a more professional look is sought.

If you want to know more about our level 4 drywall service click here.

Level 5 finishing of drywall

It is required to spray a thin layer of joint compound on the finish of level 4 drywall. At this level the surface is smoother than at all previous levels, it has no imperfections resulting from the work of contractors and includes the application of a primer process to prepare the surface for a final decoration.

If you want to know more about our level 5 drywall finishing service, click here.

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Ceilings and Walls With Own Style

Custom textures for ceilings and walls allow you to give a completely personalized style to the interior surfaces, whether your office or residence.

These textures are applied to the drywall before the final decorations within a construction or remodeling project and can be applied manually or by machine.

They also work to eliminate imperfections that have been left after the application of any of the levels of finishing of the drywall.

With manual textures and sprayed on walls and ceilings, we create a completely personalized look for your home, if you want to know more about our service of custom textures for ceilings and walls click here.

Why Choose Us?

Qualified Personnel

Our construction workers are people with great human and professional quality, giving the best of themselves to achieve an unparalleled job in the construction of your home.

Competitive Prices

Do not incur excessive expenses to achieve the house of your dreams, we are a company with solid values and professional ethics charging only fair and competitive in the market.

Warranty and Security

Our construction company has the required standards and the necessary legal documentation, besides our work has the seal of guarantee New Line Drywall, our client will always be our priority.

Build your dream house with us!

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