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Custom Hand And Spray Textures

Ceilings and Walls With Own Style

One of the main benefits offered by a residential or commercial remodeling with drywall is that the construction process will be quick and very clean.

This, together with the application of the different levels of drywall finish, offer a completely fresh and professional look to the interior surfaces of ceilings and walls, resorting to the highest quality finishing levels.

However, there are custom hand and spray textures for walls and ceilings that add that elegant touch to your remodeling project embellishing the interior surfaces of your residence or office as they are used to decorate the plaster walls and eliminate imperfections as marks of work tools, stretch marks, and burrs.

Plaster textures can greatly affect the appearance of your spaces and if we add an excellent paint job, you can create a very professional finish.

Applying hand textures and custom spray to walls and ceilings will be a fully customizable differentiator to your spaces that still retain that conventional look that you want to change so much.

For this reason, hand and spray custom textures for ceilings and walls have gained great popularity today, due to the ease of customization it provides for the realization of different types of decorative designs.

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Application Methods

There are two methods of applying drywall textures, manual and by machine, the main advantage offered by hand texturing is that the contractor becomes an artist who can create the look you want is the surface of your work canvas, everything depends mainly on your skill, experience, and imagination.

These textures can be applied with an air gun that pulverizes the textured material on the surface or by a manual technique, to create personalized effects that provide a professional appearance of beauty, elegance, and differentiation to your walls and ceilings.

Deciding what type of plaster textures are going to be applied to a surface should go hand in hand with the final design desired for that space, whether residential or commercial, since designs such as circles and swirls, combed swirls, among others, can be applied.

How to Texture a Wall?

Texturing a Wall Process

Before proceeding with the texture of the wall, all furniture and floor are protected, either from dust or splashes. After acquiring the compounds and tools necessary to texture the walls, the walls to be textured should be cleaned and dried completely.

The preparation before texturing the walls begins with sandpaper on the drywall, this will make the surface smoother when applying the texture. This process should be applied at the interior and exterior angles of the panels. When sanding the wall, apply light pressure to avoid ruining it. Wearing protective equipment such as goggles and dust masks when sanding is highly recommended.


  • Why drywall textures?

    The textures of drywall have become the method of residential personalization most used by the owners today since it is very easy to apply, its results are the best and meet the expectations of those who use it.

    Manual textures and spraying on walls and ceilings create the look you want your home to have and that makes this a suitable service for the renovation of your home, improving its appearance.

  • Drywall textures near me?

    We create ceilings and walls with our own style in Alameda, Berkeley, Dublin, Fremont, Hayward, Livermore, Oakland, Pleasanton, Union City, San Leandro, Sacramento, San Francisco, Napa, San Jose, Santa Rosa, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Palo Alto, Sequoia City, and Sonoma.

    So, if you are looking for these ceiling and wall services with your own style near me, you are in the right place, at New Line Drywall we will do our best to keep the workplace clean during the process so that your home is so personalized as you wish.

  • Why New Line Drywall?

    New Line Drywall has professionals specialized in residential and commercial remodeling that are trained to customize ceilings and walls with the textures you prefer, so if you are looking for something unique to you, we offer a variety of ceiling and wall textures to create that. something special that will completely transform your home and accentuate its beauty.

    We specialize in the installation of drywall, residential remodeling, finishing of level 4 drywall, commercial remodeling, finishing of level 5 drywall and custom textures for spraying and hands.

Portfolio - Handmade And Spray Textures

Handmade texture drywall

Handmade Texture Drywall

hand made textures contractor costa county

Handmade Texture Drywall

Handmade texture drywall

Handmade Texture Drywall


Handmade Texture Drywall

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