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Level 4 Smooth Wall Finish in California

In the industry, 5 levels of drywall finish have been created to correctly classify the finishing process in order to give the process a more professional look at each level.

Before making the final decoration to a surface, the different levels of drywall finishes must be taken into account for its correct application.

It is important to mention that the final appearance can change according to the lighting that said surface receives, in this sense, natural lighting is not recommended for evaluation, but rather artificial light that does not generate any type of shadow.

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Finishing Levels of Drywall

Level 0 finishing of drywall to Level 4 finishing of drywall


  • What is drywall?

    The drywall is a material that is characterized by being very light that is used in interior walls and ceilings for construction or remodeling projects, whether residential or commercial.

    The installation of drywall has become a construction modality that is increasingly requested in residential and commercial buildings due to the ease, speed, and cleanliness of the installation.

  • What is level 4 finishing of drywall?

    Level 4 finishing of drywall, like the other levels that exist, is a classification of the quality that is given to the finish of the different surfaces.

    These finishing levels are detailed in the GA-214-10 publication of the Plaster Association and are intended to offer customers greater satisfaction in terms of finishing levels in their residential or commercial remodeling projects.

  • Why New Line Drywall for my level 4 drywall finishing service?

    We are commercial and residential contractors willing to offer certified work for an excellent level 4 of drywall finishes, we have the experience and knowledge to achieve an excellent job.

Portfolio - Level 4 Smooth Wall Finish

Level 4 drywall finish - Commercial Remodel

Level 4 Drywall Finish – Commercial Remodel

Level 4 drywall finish Commercial Remodel

Level 4 Drywall Finish – Commercial Remodel

Level 4 drywall finish Commercial Renovation

Level 4 Drywall Finish – Commercial Remodel

Level 4 drywall finish Commercial Renovation Contractor

Level 4 Drywall Finish – Commercial Remodel

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